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Dr. Williams during his early years of teaching.

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At the age of 13, my mother found out in foster care that she was pregnant by an adult drug dealer. By the age of 14, my mother gave birth to her first child. Later that same year, my identical twin brother and I were born.

My mother did not have parental support or extended family members to assist her with raising three kids at such a young age. My brothers and I were often left alone in apartment complexes and other unsafe environments while my mother partied.

Eventually, my brothers and I were removed from my mother’s custody and placed in a children’s home and later in separate foster homes. My grandmother was contacted by a social worker, Dr. Forrest Davis, and she agreed to assume full custody of my brothers and me.

While living with my grandmother, my sleep was often interrupted by police raiding the house in search of my father. I also experienced abuse and neglect at my grandmother’s house. In 4th grade, I met a teacher, Nancy Uriza, who changed the course of my life. Nancy saw the potential in me. She always told me, “do the best and be the best at whatever you do.” Nancy played a pivotal role in my decision to attend St. Mary’s High School in Stockton, California on a scholarship.

While in high school, my home life continued to get worse. At the age of 17, my twin brother and I successfully petitioned the Superior Court of California to initiate steps toward emancipating out of the foster care system.

My twin brother and I moved out of my grandmother’s house and survived off of the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) program. My twin brother and I earned football scholarships to California State University, Sacramento.

I went on to become the top African American graduate for the 2001 graduating class.




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